Master Grocery List

Having a Master Grocery List may sound like a very picky thing to do, it does make quite a difference when you go to the store. And with the cost of food about to sky-rocket it also helps to keep to the list instead of that impulse buying. Here’s how it works:

On paper, breakdown sections of food groups like Produce, Non-Edibles, Dairy, etc., Under each heading you list things such as lettuce, onions, bananas. Here’s an example of mine:
Lettuce, asparagus, bananas, onions
potatoes – white, yellow, apples, celery, etc.
Vegetables, tater tots, breads, etc.

Circle what you need to buy that week and keep blank lines or spaces for add ons. I do this for several sections of the grocery store. Some things are just no-brainers for me, like milk & half-n-half, things I cannot do without.

Remember, this is a blueprint for you to adjust it to your needs. Good luck!