I’ve been reading cookbooks for years. Like most people read novels in bed before retiring, I peruse cookbooks; lots of cookbooks. I collect cookbooks, and then when they’ve had their “say”, if it doesn’t strike just the right chord in my heart, I pass them on or donate them to my local library. Some of the best recipes you can find are in old, tattered pamphlets. Owning this website has also helped me put together my own treasure trove of recipes to pass on to my daughter, then one day the grandkids.

When poking around at yard or garage sales, I immediately stake out the kitchen items table or boxes then I hunt for the crate of cookbooks. Everybody has them, and so many don’t even care. How sad for them. There is such history, tradition, and fabulous meals awaiting if you’d open them and read. Lots of the old books don’t have pictures, and if they do, the prints make the food look fake and way too moist. Yuck! But try to get past that and play through the preparation in your mind. Sometimes they don’t work out at all, but more often than not, you’ll walk away with a delicious new foodie item that you’ve re-created for your family and friends.

Happy hunting!

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