A Really Good Pot of Coffee

coffee-beans.jpgIt’s a no-brainer to tell you that the better the coffee. . .

But, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on coffee if you can make a good cup. I buy Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in the large bags at the wholesale club. Occasionally I receive very expensive coffee as a gift and that’s a real treat. Here’s my way, and everyone always elects me to make the coffee, so there’s your proof.

Determine how many people are having coffee. Those automatic drip coffee pots are for 8 oz. cups of coffee. When was the last time you had an 8 oz. cup of coffee? I get my mugs at Pier 1 imports, and it’s probably 10+ ounces. Either way, here’s what you do:

For each person, use the 2-cup line on the coffeemaker carafe as a determination for howcup of coffee much water to add then double the number. For 2 people, use the 4-cup line, for 3 people, use the 6-cup line and so on, then add 1 more cup water. You don’t have to add that extra cup; if you don’t then your coffee will be more “rocket fuel” – do what you prefer.

Use 5-1/2 teaspoons (Scant 3 tablespoons) for each 2 cups of coffee. Add the amount of coffee grounds you need to the machine.

Turn on and enjoy.

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